The insects have bewitched her

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(Source: cosmic-trash)

become cool get a cooler

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radiating warmth
lit dim with the mist from below
and above
is there an illusion between the circumference of my thumb
nail apart from ridden moon in a dark nights hood
it swallows a gallop and eats the sticks gathered in humming translation of symbols in the slit of a vibe

raw kind
jingle in vessels of spells
we make bodies with clay and homes we thread
take a breath
take a step
and by the bygone standards
(of absolute No(body/ one
who cares full of tears who fills their flow with dreary maths
where the river met the rat and said go under the hole where no one wants
know. and you shall find drippings
from the salve of a mineral in heat
glowing knowing wisdom like a book in the break of tears sea.
sand wave safe li
wounded womb I moved in and crawled out and spoke of stories of symbols on the vertical axis of my
very slave
baby I may make
be free till the birds are out of their cage tell them the truth
let them stoop into the slow mood the micro constellation says a sign he reads she writes they sit entwined and dine in the alpine of mountain homes these trees release the skull of holes to show no one is mysteriously unknown
to whoever may wish upon a fire in a ditch
just because the sky didn’t want to swoon the lights are slower when we look too soon you will barely catch them with a glitch from the eye. try darling Margo make my bride a wife